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Tattoo Laws Europe and USA

Tattoo Laws Europe and USA Denmark, as stated in a previous entry, was one of the first countries in Europe to embrace tattoo culture, when its king was seen on the cover of LIFE magazine bare-chested and with numerous tattoos from local Copenhagen artists in 1951. It is therefore ironic that it has the only [...]

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Tattoo Laws Worldwide – Part II

Thai amulet or "Yantra" While the state laws on tattooing are not so harsh, should you get a traditional (and considered magic) Sak Yant tattoo by a Thai Buddhist monk, there are a number of rules of conduct to follow post-needle. The Sak Yant tattoos were originally done on warriors seeking strength and [...]

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Tattoo Laws Worldwide

Tattoo Laws Worldwide: Part I — Asia Already in the 4th century, fishermen along the coast in what is today known as South Korea would get tattoos that were thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Then, as it was in many other places in the world, tattoos were used as a [...]

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Tattoo Trends 2020

Just last week, renowned tattoo artist Fuzi released the first issue of Seulment Pour La Vie, a magazine dedicated to contemporary tattooing. It sets out to show how tattooing has come to embrace almost every other area connected to the arts, such as photography, graphic design, graffiti, and architecture. 1990's Ignorant Tattoos Fuzi [...]

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A History of Tattooing Tools

A History Of Tattooing Tools — Ancient Tools and Techniques The oldest preserved tattoo kit, found on the island of Tongpatu in Tonga, is a somewhat more quiet ancestor to its modern counterpart. Dated at 2,700 years old, the tools have been identified as ‘bone combs’, flat pieces of bone that have been shaped to [...]

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A History of Tattooing – Part I

The History Of Tattooing — Tattoos, Tools And People Through Millennia Step into a tattoo studio today and you will hear the constant buzzing of machines, powered either by air pressure or an electric motor, as they penetrate the skin at a rate of anywhere between 50 to 3,000 times per minute. For some people, [...]

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