Finger Tattoos

Introducing Finger Tattoos

Celebrities and everyday people alike are getting inked on their fingers. But what are the most popular finger tattoos? And why are they so popular?

There’s nothing more chic than a delicate finger tattoo. Whether it’s a dainty flower or a minimalist symbol, these kinds of tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re looking for some new ink inspiration, why not consider a pretty finger tattoo?

Finger tattoos can be small or large, simple or intricate.

Finger tattoos are a unique way to express yourself. They can be small or large, simple or intricate. Whatever design you choose, a finger tattoo is sure to turn heads. No matter what your style, there’s a finger tattoo out there for you.

Celebrities and everyday people alike are getting inked on their fingers.

When it comes to Hollywood, finger tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne have all been spotted with them.

And it’s not just the young celebrities who are getting in on the trend. even stars like David Beckham, Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie have been seen with finger tattoos.

So what’s the appeal of these small, discreet tattoos? For many celebrities, it’s about both self-expression and demonstrating their commitment to a particular cause or belief.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: finger tattoos are here to stay in the world of celebrity culture.

Here are some famous finger tattoos and their meanings:


Tattoos are always a conversation starter. And Rhianna’s new finger tattoo is no exception. The tattoo, which says “shhh,” is definitely a conversation piece. It’s also a pretty cool way to keep people from talking too loudly!

Miley Cyrus

Very busy fingers, including an Alien, a Cross, a Heart, a Peace symbol, an Eye, a Tongue, a Watermelon and the word Bad ….. Meaning? You tell me!


Has “17” which her fans will know hearkens back to her tumblr self-release days as username 7enteenblack. She says it’s her lucky number and many of her fans use it in social media and maybe finger tats too.

Generic Symbols

Peace and Love
Peace and Love
The peace sign

This is a popular symbol that represents peace and love. It is often used as a tattoo to show that the wearer is peaceful and loving.

The infinity symbol

This is a popular symbol that represents eternity.


Endless Possibilities

Finger tattoos are popular because they are small and subtle. They can easily be hidden when you need to, but they also make a bold statement when you want them to. Finger tattoos can say a lot about a person, and that’s why they have become so popular in recent years.


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