Booking With Vivid

5 Steps to Booking

We understand that booking a new tattoo is a huge step – that you want to know you are in good hands and will be taken care of, from the conception of your idea all the way through to its creation. At Vivid we constantly tell our customers that we are more than just another ordinary tattoo studio, and our unique and customer focused booking experience is an essential part of this. It is the first stage in ensuring each piece of new ink created is something that both us and you can be proud of. Because of this, we wanted to tell you a little more of what you can expect when you choose us!

Step 1

Here at Vivid Ink we encourage you to make an initial consultation with us. Coming in and meeting with us, before you book, will enable us to get a clear idea of what you want done and how you’d like it done, which is crucial. We want to ensure we book you in with the right tattooist, so by coming in and discussing your plans with us we can make sure the artist you book with is the best suited to the work you want. Alongside this, it also means we can discuss how possible your design is, whether the placement is appropriate and roughly how long your ink will take, ensuring we can help you plan out your times and bookings as accurately as possible.

Step 2

An important stage of any booking is to get your date in the books! We know that some tattoo studios take walk ins, but that isn’t us. Due to our highly sought-after artists, our books are often booked up for months in advance, however, this means it gives us plenty of time to work on some other important elements of the tattoo process whilst you wait for your day to come – and trust us, time flies! So, when booking with us, you do need to keep in mind that we have a bit of a waiting list and booking in advance is crucial to ensuring you can get your tattoo done exactly when you want it. When you make your booking we will take a deposit, ensuring we can keep your spot secure for you whilst also avoiding any disappointment for our other clients too.

Step 3

Whilst you are waiting for the day of your new ink, our studio and artists will continue to communicate with you. During this time we can continue to discuss your design, sketching exactly what you want until it is absolutely perfect. We pride ourselves on the fact that we will spend as much time as needed on your design, redrawing and making any changes that you want up until ink day. As you wait, you can ring us any time or pop into the studio to ask us any questions you have – anything to ensure you are feeling happy and content about the work you’re about to get done.

Step 4

Tattoo day! You’ll have it booked in and set in your phone’s calendar since day one, so when it finally comes you’ll know exactly what to do. Come and join us to get that flawless new ink!

Remember, tattoo day doesn’t mark the end though. After this, you need to make sure you take good care of your ink so that it heals well, but we will tell you everything you need to know about this on the day. And, if for any reason after your tattoo is healed it needs touching up we will do these for you within 3 months (however there are charges if we can see it has been purposely picked or if it is in a problem area such has hands, fingers and feet).


Step 5

The ultimate, final and most important step: enjoy your new tattoo and tell EVERYONE that it’s one of Vivid Ink’s finest!


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