Project Description


When it comes to realism, no challenge is too big for Alan, someone who loves to take on the most complex of cover-ups or full-scale full-colour pieces, Someone who has expressed his talents all over the globe. Working in many countries, before settling here at Vivid Ink Birmingham. When he is not at work Alan loves to eat and paint, and like many of our artists is extremely passionate about what he does, reflected in the quality of work that he produces!

What styles of tattoos do you specialise in?
Black and grey and colour realism.

What influenced you to become a tattoo artist?
I have always liked art and the challenge of tattooing, where I grew up I didn’t see any good tattoos so I wanted to proved that they could be art and not just tattoos.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Travel, Muay Thai, physical activityies and painting.