Apprentices and Junior Artists

The tattoo industry thrives on the business of tattooists who have been around for years, if not decades. The reality is, when we get our ink permanently placed on our body we want someone reliable – someone who knows what they are doing. However, how do we keep an industry evolving and thriving if we don’t make way for new and incredible artists?

One of the things we are proudest of at Vivid Ink is our ability to combine our reputable services with new up-and-coming artists to give everyone the best of both worlds. One of the perks of being an established brand in the Midlands is that we can help support those new to the tattoo industry, supporting the launch of their tattoo career whilst also giving our customers some added benefits!

What are Apprentices and Junior Artists?

Apprentices at Vivid Ink are artists that we ourselves have trained up and gotten ready for their next big step in the tattoo world. Our renowned artists use their skills and knowledge to support our newest members, teaching them some real tricks of the trade, whilst also supporting them establish their own style and methods. Our apprentices are genuinely incredible artists and working with us allows them to develop the confidence to do some amazing work on you, our clients! Don’t worry though, we know this can sound a little daunting and we assure you they are well practised before we let them loose: beforehand our apprentices are able to practise their trade on synthetic practise skin and keen volunteers!

Junior artists are slightly different. Junior artists are members of the studio with limited tattooing experience – they have completed their apprenticeship, confident and raring to go, however, they have a smaller portfolio than some of our other artists. The perks of our junior artists is that they are often some of the most innovative tattooists out there and they are eager to create, design and tattoo more! Plus, afterwards you have the joy of saying you were one of ******’s earliest clients (before they came SO sought after in the tattoo community, of course)!

What are the benefits?

Firstly, you’re going to be supporting an industry you love and care about. You will be one of the earliest clients of these tattooist and supporting their growth in an industry that we want to continue to thrive and change, enabling us to continue delivery utterly unique pieces.

Secondly, and this is the part you really want to hear about, our apprentices and junior artists work at a lower hourly rate (but only for a very limited time – you have to be quick). This means you have the same incredible standards of a Vivid Ink tattoo, but at a fraction of the cost. Is there anything better?

Who Are They? Where Are They?

If you’re eager to book in with one of these incredible artists that’s great! Check out our Facebook Pages, especially for your local studio and keep your eyes peeled for news! If you’re really eager you can also give any one of our studios a call, or our flagship Birmingham studio and we will help fill you in our latest and newest members to the scene.


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