Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Body piercing is an increasingly popular form of Body art where an extremely small incision is made into the skin, creating an opening in which Jewellery may be worn or Implant inserted in order to decorate the body.

This is an increasingly popular act which can be used to express one’s individuality or as a form of fashion statement.

Although body piercings is something which we see more and more of in today’s society, the practise has existed for thousands of years. We know this as mummified remains traced back to be 5000 years old were discovered with ear piercings! Nose piercings is also something which has been documented as far back as 1500 BC.

Popular piercings

Although there is almost an endless list of possibilities when it comes to body piercings, here is a list of some of the most Popular locations.

Nose: Nose piercings are done by inserting a piece of jewellery into one side of a Nostril. Although most nose piercings will look healed after a couple of weeks, Nose piercings usually completely heal between 2-4 months time.

Lobes: Lobe piercings is the most commonly done type of ear piercings located at the bottom of the ear. Lobe piercings are some of the quickest to heal, usually completing the healing process in around 1-2 months time.

Helix: Helix piercings are found in the upper cartilage of the ear, there can be different variations of a helix piercing however such as forward, double or triple piercings. Helix piercings can take around 3-6 months in order to fully heal.

Navel/Belly: A navel piercing is one which is located through, in or around the belly button area.  Belly buttons can also take around 6-9 months before they completely finish healing.

Nipple: Nipple piercings should be done just above the areola near the base of the nipple. Avoiding the nipple tip. Nipple piercings can take between 6-9 months in order to fully heal.

What we use for our body piercings.

All body piercings at Vivid ink are carried out using only the finest implant grade titanium Jewellery, Pure and alloyed qualities have long been used for both piercings and surgical implants, and one of the main benefits to using titanium compared to other metals is that after intense study, very few long-term allergies and other complications have been reported. Titanium Jewellery is extremely lightweight, it weights in at around 60 percent of the weight of other commonly used Jewellery such as Stainless steel. It is extremely resistant to corrosion and is also less likely to react when it comes into contact with bodily fluids. Titanium jewellery is not magnetic as well as being able to be changed to other colours through the process of anodizing.

Piercing Aftercare

Before cleaning or touching your piercing be sure to wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent infection.

  • Gently lather sop around the piercing and rinse as needed, Be sure not to use harsh soaps or other soaps with dyes, fragrances or other harmful substances.
  • Dry your piercing by gently and carefully patting it with¬†clean, ideally disposable paper products in order to ensure no bacteria comes into contact with your body piercing.

What is normal during the healing process?

Initially, minor bleeding, swelling in the area, tenderness to touch or mild bruising can happen.

Sometimes during healing, minor discolouration, itching, secretion of a whitish yellow fluid that will form around the jewellery. The tissue of your skin may tighten around the jewellery as it heals.

Piercings can sometimes seem fully healed to the naked eye before the process is complete. The is because the skin tissue heals from the outside in, meaning that although the outer layers may look and feel fine, the inner workings can still remain fragile. Patience is key and be sure to regularly clean your body piercing throughout the aftercare process.

Do piercings hurt?

With all body piercings there is some discomfort and mild pain, however when an experienced professional performs a piercing, the process is completed extremely quickly, and the pain is minimal.

Ways to book.

Here at Vivid ink we offer piercings in a number of our Studios. Vivid ink Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Stafford and Wolverhampton all currently have full time body piercers with both Derby and Coventry also soon to follow! These are all carried out in their own custom private rooms for privacy and hygiene purposes.

All piercings are done through a booking system. 

Birmingham City centre: Via telephone on 01216334889 or through our Via the booksy app

Sutton Coldfield: Via telephone on 01213555680 or contacting the studio through Email or Via Vividink Sutton Facebook or Instagram.

Wolverhampton: Via telephone on 01902 310310 or Via email telephone or Facebook or instagram.

Stafford: Via telephone on 01785259772 or Via email or Vividink Stafford facebook or instagram.


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