How Studios Look Out for Your Health When You Get a Tattoo

How Studios Look Out for Your Health When You Get a Tattoo

As the world is experiencing unprecedented times when it comes to public measures for collective health, this feels like a good time to write about the stringent precautions that tattoo artists take every single day to keep you safe. Measures that are now being implemented in workplaces and public spaces all over the world are part of tattoo studios’ everyday existence.

Trusting in experience and knowledge

Tattooing and other body modifications are part of a tradition that goes back millennia, and it has become as common in the West the past decade as it has been for indigenous tribes for centuries. These past few weeks has got the entire world examining what it means to be in a safe space and to be able to trust in your surroundings. This is something that has been the business of modern tattoo parlours since their early days. Tattoo gun in action

While getting a tattoo done might be a little painful (ranging from mildly uncomfortable to, well, more uncomfortable), it is a very safe practice at any time, given that it is performed by a responsible tattoo artist in a clean space, and with meticulously cared for equipment. 

Measures taken by artists

Tattoo artists and piercers perform what is classified as ‘skin penetration.’ And this, obviously would carry a risk of infection if the artists and studios did not have the highest levels of hygienic standards and safety precautions in place. Your artist will clean the area where you will get your tattoo done, and then shave it if necessary. If shaving is needed, this is done with a disposable razor that will then be thrown into the rubbish immediately.

Tattoo ArtistAll artists wear disposable gloves while tattooing. This is as there is likely to be some blood during the tattooing process. The needles that the artists use to make their permanent art are also disposable, so there is no risk of cross-contamination from client to client. After use, they are disposed of in a sharps-bin, just as is standard procedure in the medical profession. Any additional ink that has not been used during the session will be disposed of rather than poured back into the tube. 

Reputable studios will always keep you safe

Tattoo studios all need to provide hand washbasins with clean, warm and potable water in the treatment area, but also a separate sink for cleaning equipment. Liquid soaps or alcohol-based hand cleaners must be provided (they have stocks), along with single-use hand towels or automatic dryers. There are also lists for how to properly treat and sterilise equipment that equal those of surgical theatres. 

Having a tattoo done by someone other than a professional tattoo artist could lead to an infection or even blood poisoning. This is not the time to be stingy and go for budget options! (Unless you are getting an amazingly qualitative tattoo for seriously little money from one of Vivid Ink’s amazing apprentices!) 

It is incredibly important to have your tattoo done at a reputable studio with good reviews, where there are sterile conditions, materials and skillful artists trained to keep you safe. If you have any questions about Vivid Ink’s meticulous procedures taking the best possible care of you and your health during your session, give us a call. 


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