How to prepare for your tattoo

How to Prepare

Whilst many of our clients are return customers and tattoo fanatics, we also know that some of you are newbies.

Being tattooed for the first time can be quite a daunting experience and it’s hard to know what to do beforehand to ensure that you are fully prepared. As tattoo experts, we know what it is you can do before your visit to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience and walk away wanting more ink!

This is our guide on what to do/not to do in the lead up to your visit:

Clean Skin

We know this may sound foolish or overly simple, but it’s true. Clean skin is crucial to ensure your tattoo comes out perfect!

Before your visit we often recommend exfoliating your skin to ensure any dry skin is removed – this will stop flaking of the skin wherever you have your tattoo helping you maintain the colour and bold lines we create for you. We have found from experience that those who exfoliate before their appointment often have a smoother healing process after the tattoo, maintaining clean lines and bold colours.

Alongside this, we also recommend that you avoid any extra skin-care products you would typically apply to your skin to ensure that there is no barrier which may affect the final appearance of your tattoo!

Good Night’s Rest

This is more important than you realise, especially if you are nervous about your first inking experience.

If you are overly tired when being inked this is more likely to make you more anxious and worried about the experience which often causes people to move about and fidget. Although our tattooists are experts and are used to people moving around subconsciously, we obviously want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so something as simple as a good night’s sleep helps make you more relaxed and confident.


We always check to see if you have eaten beforehand and there’s a reason, so be honest!

It’s important to eat before you come in for your tattoo as it can take quite a while. Hunger not only makes clients feel uncomfortable, nervous and more likely to feel pain, but it can also leave people feeling light-headed – mixing this with the process of tattooing and a new experience it can all get a little much.

Trust us, you’ll feel so much better for it, even if it’s just something small to hit that spot.

Don’t Drink (Alcohol)

Despite what the movies may have you believe drinking alcohol and getting drunk before a tattoo is strongly advised against! It does not make for a nice or enjoyable experience, which is what we pride ourselves on.

We strongly advise you do not drink alcohol (or too much caffeine) for 48 hours before your sitting. Both alcohol and caffeine act as blood thinners and can lead to an increase in bleeding during your tattoo. Sometimes this can even lead to us having to stop the appointment and nobody wants that!


Finally, think carefully about where you are getting your tattoo and how long it might take – this is crucial!

Comfortable and loose-fitting clothing will always be best as you may be sitting for a long time and don’t want to feel uncomfortable during your time in the seat. As well as this loose clothing will ensure that your tattoo area is easily accessible, and our artists can get to work creating the piece of your dreams!


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