How we open a Vivid Ink tattoo studio

Check Out Our New Series on How We Open a Tattoo Studio

If you know anything about Vivid Ink – which you will if you have followed our blog for a while or you have visited our studio – you will know that we like to involve our customers, friends and family in everything that we do. We like to keep you up to date with news, developments and changes, and we love to hear what you think of our work. That is why we have created a YouTube series on how we open a tattoo studio.

See For Yourself How We Open a Tattoo Studio

You might already know that we upload videos about Vivid Ink, but you might not have seen our recent series showcasing the road to opening a tattoo studio. There’s a lot of misconceptions and questions surrounding how a tattoo studio gets up and running, and we hope that our recent series will give a ‘behind the scenes’ look at things.

We are often asked about how Vivid Ink came to be and how a tattoo studio gets started, and we thought a video series was the ideal way to show everyone the process from beginning to the end. We haven’t skipped over the hard parts, nor have we focused on the fun stuff. Our new series gives a realistic insight into the passion and hardwork that we have put into Vivid Ink as a business.

‘Keys to Completion’ Part 1How We Open a Vivid Ink Tattoo Studio

‘Keys to Completion’ Part 2Opening Our New Tattoo Studio

‘Keys to Completion’ Part 3The Home Stretch

Whether you find the time to binge watch all three of them together or watch them sporadically on your lunch break, you are sure to see just how much hard work and determination goes into opening a tattoo studio. It’s not simply a case of finding a location and adding some decor; it’s a complex, time consuming and difficult process. Thankfully, we have had a tonne of people helping and supporting us along the way.


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