All You Need to Know About Lip Piercings – Part II

All You Need to Know About Lip Piercings – Part II

Before we get into more details on the lip piercing and aftercare process, there are still a whole bunch of types of lip piercings we couldn’t fit into our previous post. 

Dahlia piercingDahlia

While we took a closer look at all types of ‘bite’ piercings, with double punctures either above or below the lips, there is also a double piercing known as the Dahlia, where two piercings sit correspondingly on either corner of the mouth. This type of piercing has also been nicknamed ‘the Joker’ after the infamous Batman villain and his perpetual scarred smile. Dahlias can take from 12 all the way up to 20 weeks to heal, due to the difficulty of keeping the area still. 

Cyber bites

Cyber bite piercings are a combination of a regular horizontal lambert piercing and a Medusa. There is one puncture in the groove just above the upper lip in the Cupid’s bow, and one corresponding directly below the lower lip. Meaning if you already have a traditional labret, you are only one step away from a slightly more dramatic and intriguing cyber bite look. These piercings heal pretty quickly, comparatively, ranging from somewhere between six to eight weeks. 


Ashley piercingAn Ashley piercing is a horizontal adaptation of the vertical labret. It is a single piercing that goes through the centre of the bottom lip, and exits at the back of the lip. They are a unique way of drawing attention to the lip area – and highly effective with the right stud and lipstick combo! However, they do perforate a big chunk of lip tissue, and can be on the more painful side of the scale, mostly due to the post-piercing swelling.

It also requires a highly skilled piercer to make the correct placement, taking into account position of veins and nerve endings, as well as protecting the gums and teeth. Healing time for an Ashley piercing is usually somewhere between 12 to 16 weeks, with the inside of the piercing taking longer than the outside.


Another adaptation is the Jestrum piercing, which resembles the Medusa in that it sits at the middle of the Cupid’s bow or the philtrum. However, it is vertical and has an exit point in the upper lip itself. It is filled with a curved barbell, creating a double pierced look. Just as with the Ashley, the inside of the piercing will take longer to heal, but you can expect times to range anywhere from six to 12 weeks for the whole package. 

Smiley piercingThe Smiley piercing

Finally, our list has reached the so-called ‘smiley’, or frenulum, piercing. It is hidden on the inside of the upper lip, until you smile, hence its nickname. It sits through the small flap of tissue that connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums. Due to the frenulum being so thin, it is not possible for every anatomy to get the piercing done. But if its for you, it is a nice – and rather discreet and low key – option to bedazzle the mouth. Healing can take anywhere between four to 12 weeks. 


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