Piercings You Can Hide

Piercings You Can Hide

While many of us want to run out the moment we have a new piercing or tattoo and show it off to all our friends, some prefer keeping their new body art more private. Be that due to family reasons or potential work situations, or simply because we like to keep some secrets to ourselves, we may like to be able to hide modifications or ink without too much hassle.

If this is you, you might want to consider piercings that can be easily hidden away, either through clothing and apparel or by tricks of the body itself. Here is a list of some piercings that you can choose to share – or not. 

Belly button piercings

Photo: Pixabay

If you hadn’t heard already, the 90s are making a comeback with trends this year, big time. An updated tribal style is making the rounds, the lower back tattoo is back on the menu, and belly button piercings are regaining popularity. And with good reason.

Navel piercings lend themselves to all kinds of impactful and beautiful jewellery. Furthermore, they have the added bonus that they can be as discreet as you like, given that you steer clear of crop tops and bikinis. 

Septum piercing

Your nose is smack in the middle of your face. This makes piercings here very difficult to hide. However, should you opt for a septum piercing, you could keep a horseshoe piercing in while you need it to attract less attention. You can then flip it upwards and see it disappear into the nostrils. It might be a little ticklish, but well worth it not to let that piercing close up between the times you want to be a little more extravagant and attention-grabbing with your jewellery. 

Healed helix by Jodie at the Birmingham studio

Ear cartilage piercings

Ear piercings tend to be a little less controversial in the workplace etc, so not many feel the need to hide them. However, if you for any reason would like to have a more discreet one, you could opt for a cartilage piercing somewhere in the upper part of your ear.

An ear flat piercing, a helix or forward helix, rook, snug, or a Daith would all be good options to remain mostly hidden if you have hair that reaches your ears and you don’t pull it back. While an industrial piercing sits high on the ear, the barbell jewellery could peak out through the hair unless you are blessed with thicker tresses. 

Smiley piercings

Photo: Nicor via Wikimedia Commons

Some oral piercings are very well-suited to keeping them to yourself. The tongue is an obvious one, but may of course glimpse by when you laugh at a colleague’s joke (that’s actually funny).

However, one of the cheekiest options would be a Smiley piercing, thus called as it is hidden while your lips are shut, but reveals itself when you smile broadly. It sits through the frenulum, the small piece of skin connecting your upper lip to your upper gum. 


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