Should You Work Out With A New Piercing?

Should You Work Out With A New Piercing?

As gyms have reopened, the weather is getting chillier and rainier by the day, we are getting used to the idea of being around quite a bit of people again, and you have finally booked in for that piercing you were waiting for until after summer, you might be asking if it is safe to work out with your newly pierced ear/lip/nipple/belly button etc. The answer is yes, as long as you take the necessary precautions – and we should all be experts on safeguarding our health and disinfecting by now, right?

You already know that you should wait awhile before working out with a new tattoo, giving it at least two to three days before you head back in for some light exercise. For the best healing results, it is best to avoid heavier workouts for the following two weeks. But what about other types of body modifications? 

Workout and wardrobe choices

Your piercer may suggest you stay clear of the gym – it is a location of a multitude of touch points, bacteria, and people sweat after all, all things that in combination with open wounds are little breeding grounds for infection. However, as long as you keep your piercing absolutely clean, it is safe to work out after having it done and while it is healing. If you want to be on the safe side, consider taking your exercise outdoors for the first week or so.

Meanwhile, repetitive movements where clothing may come up against the pierced area, such as nipples or belly buttons, may cause chafing and irritation. It is best to wear loose-fitting outfits – or crop tops (a nipple piercing might be particularly tricky, for this cycling could be a better option than for instance running). 

Stick to movement practices that do not require much bending and stretching. Repetitive pulling on the skin may also delay the healing time and irritate the area. You also want to make sure there is no other snagging or bumping possibility, avoiding close contact and team sports at all costs.

Keep it clean

Sweat will not irritate your new piercing but it could introduce bacteria causing infection. Clean your piercing thoroughly in the way that is prescribed to you by your piercer after you finish your workout, and refrain from touching it while at the gym or out on your run. The pool is a no-go while the piercing is healing. 

If you are dedicated to fitness as a lifestyle, the thought of not going to the gym for a week or so may feel nearly insurmountable. However, every body needs a bit of rest from time to time – especially the one that is in the process of healing, even if it is just a small wound. So rather than worry about the list of do’s and don’ts at the gym, take your new piercing as an excuse – have a few rest days, eat some ice cream (helps fight infections, everybody knows that), and come back to your workouts stronger and more badass than ever before. 


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