Some tattoos are more than just tattoos – Vivid Ink Christmas advert 2022

Roll on Christmas…

Each yeah you can sense the coming of Christmas, signified predominantly by the Christmas adverts appearing on our screen, John Lewis, M&S and the sounds of “holiday are coming” with a big red Coca-Cola truck immediately come to mind, and to celebrate this tradition we have decided to join in the festivities too.

Our first Christmas special is inspired by the real stories behind tattoos, the memories and moments captured in time and beautifully transferred to the skin.

“Some tattoos are more than just tattoos”  is our first ever Christmas advert which tells the heartfelt story of a grandson having a tattoo in tribute to his grandfather. This piece was Inspired by the real stories behind tattoos.

We hope you enjoy our first Christmas advert. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

P.S We also made a behind the scenes video showcasing how the production was put together, it’s a bit of fun which shows not only how the process was completed to create the Christmas advert but also give a glimpse of some of the fun and good times that were had during the making. 


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