Star Wars Tattoos Part III

Star Wars Tattoos Part III

We ended last week’s instalment exploring the past year’s widely requested symbol of the pendant Disney+’s the Mandalorian gives to the Child, or Baby Yoda, in the final episode of Season one. While the exact nature and origins of the symbol are still up for canon-contention, let’s settle on it being that of a skull of the Mythosaur. But, of course, the Mandalorian is not the beginning of Star Wars lore and symbols. People have been getting tattooed to display their affinity for a certain character, fraction, or even their chosen side of the Force, for ages. Or, well, since the premiere of the first film, so the late 1970s. Let’s take a closer look at some of these. 

The symbol of the order of the Jedi The order of the Jedi symbol

Symbols have always had great importance to Star Wars lore. One of the most recognisable symbols (and which the author may have a tattoo of) is that of the Jedi order. It is a winged blade of light (most probably a lightsaber), framed by wings rising on each side. The Old Republic, which lasted for 25,000 years, took on the Jedi sigil but replaced the blade with a tower and a star in the symbol. The order’s antagonists, the Sith, came to be as a rouge Jedi was exiled for exploring the Dark Side of the Force. The two warred with each other for centuries, with the conflict bringing about the fall of the Old Republic.

Then came the Galactic Republic, which also lasted for thousands of years. The Jedi stood for peace and harmony in the realm. However, the order was all but wiped out when Darth Sidious brought about Order 66 and turned the Jedi’s clone soldiers against them. We will leave the historic exposé there, just in case you haven’t seen the films. In that case, well done for hanging in there this deep into nerd-territory. 

Being a Jedi is not just about power, or lightsabers, or even skill with the Force. It is about connection. Being part of something bigger. I am stronger as part of the Jedi Order than I could ever be alone.” Obi-Wan Kenobi

Rebel AllianceThe Rebel Alliance Phoenix

The Rebel Alliance Starbird, also known as the Phoenix, is most often seen on the helmets of the Rebels’ fighter pilots helmets and uniforms of people moving about Resistance bases. The most widely accepted explanation is that it is based on the crest of the Marek family. Galen Marek was an apprentice of Darth Vader who sacrificed himself while protecting the three founders of the Alliance. It is also used by the New Republic and shows up in Episode VII – The Force Awakens. 

The Galactic Empire crestThe Galactic Empire crest

Finally, from the original trilogy, (and we are not in any way taking sides), we have the crest of the Galactic Empire. The six-spoked symbol could be found on uniforms, ships, propaganda posters etc. It was adopted from the symbol of the Galactic Republic, the downfall of which Emperor Palpatine had of course machinated. 


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