How To Up Your Piercing Game – Top Trends For 2023

How To Up Your Piercing Game – Top Trends For 2023

It is that time again when we are approaching the end of what feels like the heaviest season of the year, but there is still some time to go before the trees are green and the sun feels warm. Who doesn’t need a little bit of new body art to cheer oneself up? 

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By Jodie at Vivid Ink Birmingham

Hopefully, you asked your loved ones for contributions to your next tattoo or piercing budget for a Christmas present, and you are all set with your appointments for the first months of the year. 

This is also the time when we emerge from hibernation and planning ahead. Having engaged in all kinds of predictions, promises and expectations for the year to come, it is not time to spring into action. As we peer out from the darkest time of the calendar year, it can help lift our spirits to lift our gaze and imagine the lighter months ahead, and all the new they may bring. 

Shifting shapes and stacking lobes

Although piercing is an ancient practice and has meant many different things across different cultures at different times, it is also a modern phenomenon that is taking the beauty world by storm, continuously evolving with our appetite for self-expression and creativity.

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By Jodie at Vivid Ink Birmingham

The practice has come a long way into the mainstream – and even billboards and runways – compared to when the punk movement adopted it as its own and brought it into Western subculture style. 

The influence of social media and celebrity style has been enormous when it comes to piercing trends. Having stacked ear piercings, constellation style, or simply multiple jewellery across the ear has become more the norm than the exception over the past few years. 

If you are not yet a multiple ear piercing sporter, this would most likely be the year you add a piercing or two to your lobes. Multiple lobe piercings are not about to go out of style anytime soon, so this is a safe and accessible bet if you are wanting to upgrade without too much of a change. 


Cartilage and septum piercings

If you are ready to take it a little further and venture into cartilage territory, ridge piercings such as outer ridge and forward helix make for fantastic statement ear pieces. Bejewelled studs can offer a sense of magical sparkle, like an elf without prosthetics or body modifications.

By Jodie at Vivid Ink Birmingham

Look to add piercings such as tragus, conch, and flat helix to level up your ear game this year. The bonus part is that you will mostly have to worry only about making sure that one side of the piercing doesn’t get snagged onto sweaters etc while it heals. Snake bite piercings are also fast becoming staples on ears, whereas they have previously been more common around the lips.

And while the septum piercing has been in fashion for some time now, it is not about to go anywhere soon. It is also a very accessible way to make a transition from ear-only piercings and venture to other areas of the face.

Whatever questions you may have about piercings or the piercing process, do not hesitate to reach out to Vivid Ink and our highly skilled and experienced artists!


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