Vivid ink Wolverhampton

Introducing Vivid Ink Wolverhampton

It’s official! On Monday 3rd August we officially opened the doors. Just 9 years after the opening of our flagship studio in Birmingham this marks our 8th instalment to Vivid Ink, and we can’t quite believe it.

Whilst looking for the next location of Vivid Ink it became clear pretty quickly that Wolverhampton would be the perfect place to go next – our clients made their voices heard (we agree that the people of Wolves deserve their own Vivid Ink Studio with no more travelling necessary) and on seeing the former ‘Tattoo Palace’ we knew we could make it into something incredible for all of you! And, now that opening day has been and gone, we really think we delivered.

So, in honour of this studio, we would like to introduce you to some of the newest members of the team.

Introducing Denis

Our first tattoo artist announced at Wolverhampton was Denis and he certainly captured your interest! Possibly because Denis isn’t actual that new…he started with us at our Birmingham studio and clearly loves working with us so much he is willing to follow us across the Midlands!

Denis is one of our resident artists at Vivid Ink Wolverhampton and he has many years of tattooing experience, meaning we know he is an absolute pro and will create some truly spectacular work for you all!

He specialises in black and grey realism tattoos and has a real flair and unique quality in his work (you definitely need to get following us on social media ASAP to see some more of this)! Alongside this, Denis is just an all-round incredible artists and he actually loves tattooing a variety of styles! This means that if you visit Denis you can have anything from lettering to colour work, or even cover-ups. He excels in all elements of tattooing and we know you’re going to love all of his work!

Introducing Ruthy

Now, we couldn’t open a Wolverhampton studio without a Wolves local! So, who better for the job than Ruthy?
Ruthy specialises in ornamental, illustrative, stippling and black-work, creating intricate and stunning pieces no matter what she does.
At Vivid Ink we always pride ourselves on our unique designs and custom work which is why Ruthy fits in perfectly with us! This is where her passion lies. If you come to Ruthy you know you will be receiving something completely unique and bespoke as she thrives on creating the new pieces that her clients have been dreaming of.
Often, her work features floral designs, nature concepts, mandalas and dotwork, which fits in perfectly with her specialisms and allows her to get creative combining these styles to create something totally unique.
We dare you to give her a challenge! We can guarantee she will bring a distinctive and stunning twist to any concept and create some of the most beautiful work around.

There’s still more to come.

So, as you can see, we are proud of our artists and everything that they are bringing to our latest studio. They’re the perfect team and we know that they’re going to make the Wolverhampton studio everything we dreamed of, and more.
Our final request is to keep your eyes peeled and to get booking. We promise you Vivid Ink Wolverhampton still has a lot more to come and you will not be disappointed by the work you see coming out of these doors.


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