Wrist Tattoos for Women in 2022

Trending Wrist Tattoos for Women in 2022  

Watercolour Flower Wrist Tattoo Watercolour Flower Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are a popular trend in 2022. Their placement on their wrist area makes them attractive and appealing. With tattoo designs ranging from names to symbols, there is a long list you can pick from. We discuss some of the popular wrist tattoos for the year 2022.  

If you are looking for inspiration on ideas for your next tattoo, here are some options you can choose from. We highlight killer designs that will catch your eye and keep in store memories for you.  

Anchor Wrist Tattoos  

You stare at your wrist all day. Getting a meaningful tattoo is therefore important. Anchor tattoos are associated with strength, firmness, and security. Anchors hold the ship in times of turbulence ad this tattoo will hold you through tough and turbulent seasons of life.  

Angel Wings Tattoos  

Full of symbolism and mystery, angel wings are a favorite for many tattoo lovers of the 21st century. They are associated with liberty as well as protection for people. Alternatively, they are used as an honor for individual beliefs and faith. Angel wings can also be used as memorials for persons who have lost loved ones.  

Bird Tattoos  

There are thousands of bird species and designs you can pick from this option. Birds symbolize freedom and the courage to face another day. Coveted by bold and daring females, each bird has its unique symbols.  

For example, a swallow symbolizes luck and ultimate loyalty, especially for people who love the seas. Make sure you know what the bird you pick symbolizes.  

Butterfly Tattoos  

Color and details define every butterfly tattoo. If you want a tattoo that allows you to blend as many colors as possible, a butterfly tattoo is ideal. Butterflies are not only beautiful but they also symbolize seasons of transformation just like a butterfly metamorphosis from its ugly cocoon to a beauty to behold.  

Cross Tattoos  

Similar to angel wings, cross tattoos are associated with faith and religious beliefs. A cross symbolizes the ultimate price paid by Jesus the Savior to redeem the world capturing the true heart of unconditional love and sacrifice. You can get a simple cross or with wordings next to it.  

Crown Tattoos  

Royalty. Crowns have long been linked with royalty in society, luxurious living, and power. It contains many meanings and depending on your taste and preference, you can add embellishments to spice it up.  

For example, diamonds, stars, or roses take your tattoo to the next level allowing you to express yourself through this form of body art. You can have it detailed or a simple crown to tease and remind you of your worth.  

Paw Tattoos  

Pet lovers are in for a treat with these tattoo designs. You can have it drawn in its simplicity or even include more detail if you like.  

Feather Tattoos  

Feathers represent the freedom to sore high, travel, and unlimited potential something we all covet. Add spice to your tattoo by choosing feathers from specific birds to add more meaning to it.


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