Your Tattoo Budget

Your Tattoo Budget

Vivid Inkers all over the West Midlands (and beyond) are always excited to get a new piece of ink. Truly, who isn’t when we have such a wonderful range of artists working with us? You know that every piece will be spectacular, and it often means that we are eager to get our next (sometimes before we have even saved the money for our next one)! Due to this, it often means that our clients want to know what they can get with their budget, or if the tattoo they have in mind fits in with this.

It’s important to remember that the ink we select stays with us forever. This artwork is a life-long commitment, so we would always discourage you rushing into a decision – sometimes, saving for your tattoo can be a great opportunity to ensure you have settled on what you want and you know this is something you are confident and happy with. That being said, we obviously think that our artwork is something worth investing in as it will be something for you to enjoy forever and when you think of it this way, all of a sudden saving to extend your budget really does seem worth it.

Setting Your Tattoo Budget

When setting your budget it is important to firstly consider the size of the tattoo you want. Here at Vivid we base our charges on the hours spent doing the tattoo – this means you are able to get the best deal whilst our artists also get acknowledged for the time, effort and work which goes into each and every piece. Typically, our prices are around £60-£80 an hour, depending on which artist you select to do your work.

Obviously, the amount of time we spend on your tattoo will impact the cost. This also means that the larger or more detailed you want your tattoo the more expensive it will be (although completely worth every penny). This means, if you know you want a full sleeve then you know your budget will need to be larger that £120! As much as it would be wonderful if we could work this quickly as it means we would get to fit in more of our wonderful clients, it is completely unrealistic. Our artists are great, but even they can’t move that quickly and why would you want them to? It would compromise their work!

So, the question still stands. What should my budget be? The best way to do this is to decide on your design and size of your tattoo, then speak to us! We can discuss exactly how long your tattoo will take and give you the most accurate pricing. This way there are no surprises when it comes to cost and you are putting the design and artwork before cost – so, if this works out a little dearer than you expected you can book in advance and get saving to cover the rest!

How long do different tattoos take?

This of course varies between every design and tattoo, so unfortunately, we can’t actually tell you this without knowing exactly what you want and its size.

What we can say is that you should never underestimate the time and effort which goes into a tattoo. Although you might think the design you want is relatively simple there may be numerous techniques that go into this, so a small and simple tattoo may still take a full hour to complete. Furthermore, a large black and grey design, depending on size and detail, could take anywhere from 7-10 hours, adding more time if you want colour.

Details vary greatly with each and every tattoo. The design, style and techniques used all feed into how long your tattoo will take to complete, and therefore it’s cost. Please, come and speak to us and we can guide you with exactly what to expect! If you have a design ready we can tell you exactly what it will cost, or, if you know your budget and want guidance on what this limits you to, then we are the people to ask!


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