Euro 2020 and Tattoos – Italy

Euro 2020 and Tattoos – Italy

Matteo Politano tattoo
Photo from Instagram @valentinorussotattoo

Honorary leopard of Matteo Politano

While the young Italian national team has got its fair share of ink-covered stars, first we have to mention one of the the most impressive tattoos on an Italian footballer, which belongs to Napoli star Matteo Politano. The 27-year old forward is currently on the second year of two on loan from Inter. The mileage Politano is putting in on the field of Stadio Sao Paolo is almost rivaled by the hours he is willing to clock in the tattoo artist’s chair. 

In July last year, Politano revealed a stunning full back piece of a roaring leopard’s head. Reminiscent of Zlatan Ibramhimovic’s lion, the leopard looks as if it is growling when its wearer rounds his upper back. The piece was reportedly done in a marathon eight-hour sitting by famous Italian tattoo artist Valentino Russo who specialises in portraits and balck and grey. The artist is responsible for many of the tattoos of Italian players, along with a gorgeous full black and grey sleeve Politano came back for at the beginning of this year. 

Insigne’s Maradona tattoo

Russo has also tattooed Lorenzo Insigne, who is one of the more heavily inked players in the Italian squad. The Napoli native has a lot of interesting pieces to show off – and he keeps adding to them. On his right leg, above some beautiful blackwork around his knee and on the shin, sits a portrait of Diego Maradona. He first premiered the piece in public in December, shortly after the legendary Argentinian, who spent seven years in Napoli, passed away following a heart attack.   Insigne's Maradona tattoo

According to the Instagram page of Valentino Russo, he also just inked the back of Insigne’s right thigh with a large piece with a portrait of Jesus Christ adorned by a crown of thorns. Underneath sits a realistic looking eye, much like the one on England’s Raheem Sterling’s inner elbow. Other than that the Napoli-bred player has a small Mickey Mouse tattoo on his inner ankle, a full right-arm sleeve and a host of  other pieces on his left arm.

Di Lorenzo’s calf pieces

Tattoo by Valentino Russo
Photo from Instagram @valentinorusso

Fellow national team mate and Napoli native, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, is also a returning client of Valentino. The artist is responsible for at least two larger pieces on the right-back’s calves. One his left side is an eye with a clock. While perhaps not the most original of motives, the piece is a great version of the theme. On his right calf, Di Lorenzo has a depiction of a small child looking out over an Italian square, with a bag on the ground next to him, and holding a football under his arm. He also has two full sleeves, although they look to be older and not made by Valentino, as well as some blackwork on his left knee.

All in all, Gli Azzurri have an impressive collection of ink amongst them. And Valentino Russo seems to have become their, or, at least the Naples-contingent of the team, go-to artist of choice. While their future in the Euro 2020 remains uncertain at the time of publication, we are willing to bet substantially on that there will be more tattoos on these guys before long.


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