Halloween Special – Bad Omen Ink

Halloween Special – Bad Omen Ink

What is scarier than getting a bad tattoo? Not much, actually, but getting a tattoo that could bring you bad luck is probably pretty close. It is the month for Halloween, ghosts and the occult, and so this is a good time to look at the superstitious side of ink. What should you never, ever get, in case you believe in bad omens? 

The name of your lover

If you care for your relationship, you may want to think of something else to display your devotion to each other than your respective names. The number one jinx to coupledom according to tattoo artists, is to get your significant other’s name permanently engraved on your skin. While no scientist has specifically investigated the correlation, there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that those who get their partners name tattooed almost always come back to cover it up a few months down the line. If you should decide to test the theory for yourself, or perhaps you are looking for a way out and think this bit of superstition could help you along the way, just make sure its something you could cover up in an aesthetically stylish way, so you don’t end up with a classic like “Wino forever” (looking at you, Johnny). 

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Upside down crosses

Even if you are not religious, there is something about and upside down cross that feel’s just a little off… and while a temporary tat with more evil connotations could be fun for the upcoming holidays, to carry one permanently might not feel like a fun idea. Of course, if someone wants to get a cross on let’s say their inner lower arm, they might prefer to see it right side up themselves when they look down at it. If you do want a cross, maybe just select a different location for it? In general, your tattoo artist will probably advise you from getting anything that is facing you, as opposed to the person looking at it anyway, superstition or no. 

Leave the dragon’s eye for last

If getting a dragon tattooed, according to Chinese tradition, it is best to leave the eyes incomplete until the rest of the piece is done. Dragons are symbols of guardianship, with special powers depending on their colour. As eyes are considered to be windows to the soul, it is thought that the soul will enter the piece and the dragon will feel the pain of getting tattooed if its eyes have been filled in before the rest of it. 

Halloween October

Odin’s magic

Geometric style tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, often with sacred patterns interwoven in different combinations. Mystic and spiritual symbols are also a common feature of body art, and rightfully so, as the two traditions share an esoteric bond. However, it is important to read up on what you are getting beforehand. A Norse symbol known as the Valknut (that is the ‘knot’ of the ‘Vala’, a female shaman-like figure) consists of three interwoven triangles. As it is aesthetically very appealing, some might be drawn to getting it tattooed without realising it was one of Odin’s signs symbolising his ability to lay or loosen bonds upon the minds of those in battle, leaving them either helpless or liberated from fear. While the latter sounds fun, would you take your chances?


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