Holiday Destination Tattoos

Holiday Destination Tattoos

December is here and with winter comes the inevitable… snow? Christmas? Obsessing over what New Year resolutions to make? No, we are talking of course about the desire to escape to warmer climes. To look upon the sun just one more time. While traveling may be just a little harder this year (although not as inaccessible as 12 months ago), we thought we’d take a look at some of the most popular destinations that serve both as fantastic destinations in their own right (most of them are somewhat warmer) – and a great spot to get some commemorative ink. Bucket list for 2022-23 maybe? 

Miami Beach is full of tattoo studios. Photo: AdamChandler86 via Flickr

Miami Beach

Now that the US has begun to reopen, a potential trip to Miami and the Sunshine State is not too far off in the future. Tattoo culture is strong here, and there is much more to discover than the Love Hate studio of reality TV-show Miami Ink fame. Not that those guys don’t know what they are doing. In fact, tourists from all around the world come to get tattooed in Miami Beach – it’s totally a thing. Art is everywhere in Miami, and inspires body art and tattoo artists to draw on various influences – you can find any style you want, just make sure to do your research. Oh and tipping your artist in the US is also totally a thing. 


Thailand is the scene of many a holiday tattoo. While there are jewels to be found among the many studios strewn across the islands, if you are really serious about getting a one-of-a-kind stand out piece you may want to head to Bangkok. Places like ALL DAY tattoo and Lone Wolf Studio have put BKK firmly on the international tattooing map, with the latter specialising in fine line tattoos, something very easy to fit into a short setting before you head out to explore Samyan-Chula, dubbed the coolest Bangkok neighbourhood by Time Out in 2020. Although to be fair, Bangkok probably has more ‘coolest’ areas than any other city in the world. 

Tel Aviv

Photo from Instagram account @_dumiya_

As with many other cultural scenes in the city, the tattooing scene in Tel Aviv, Israel’s second-largest city and de facto hipster capital is booming. Pioneering Psycho Tattoo was established in 1993, and its leading artist is known for oriental and traditional Japanese motives.

But you can find many top-notch artists at the location, in other shops around the city, and often in private studios – such as that of Sonia the Tattoo Lady, specialising in Old School based on her own personal drawings, or the studio of tattooing couple Artem and Shiran, called DUMIYA, creating abstract and illustrative pieces (or, in the words of Artem, graphic avantgarde). 

Remember that getting a tattoo while on holiday requires a little bit of special planning for the results to be the very best possible. We will dive more into that in a different post. For now, go support your local studio and artist – you know where to find us, no passport of any kind required. A new tattoo can do wonders for chasing away the winter blues.


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