How To Choose the Right Tattoo Artist For You

How To Choose the Right Tattoo Artist For You

So you have decided you want a tattoo and what you would like to get. Now you have to choose your artist. Easier said than done, particularly in the time of social media and Instagram-ink when the sheer volume of possibilities may feel a little overwhelming.

However, the chance has also never been greater for you to find the perfect artist to make your vision come to life on your skin. What is so amazing about a set of studios like Vivid Ink is that the quality of every single artist is vouched for, while there is such an abundance of styles and expertise that you are bound to find just the right person to work with. 

First things first – find your style

Black & Grey realism
By Matt from Vivid Ink Sutton

Not all tattoo artists are created equal. Apart from the obvious differences in experience and body of work, most tend to specialise in different styles and techniques. Some are more of allrounders, and that works well if you are going for a smaller, less detailed or stylised piece, or perhaps a couple of lines of lettering. However, if you want a black and grey portrait, you are going to go to someone who specialises in that technique. The same goes for dotwork, old school, new school, and anything in between. 

This is why it is crucial that you know what you want to get and what style before you make an appointment for a consultation. This way, you will waste neither your time nor the artist’s. If you know the motive but feel unsure about the exact style, browse social media pages of studios, such as Vivid Ink’s Instagram, and find what resonates with you. 

Rabbit and flower tattoo
By Ruthy from Vivid Ink Wolverhampton

Budgeting for the time your tattoo will take

It is also crucial to figure out your placement, size, and budget. Be honest about your financial perimeters when you discuss with your artist, they will help you find the right design and size so that you will be happy no matter how many hours you can afford.

Keep in mind that good tattoos don’t come cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good. Its a lifetime investment, treat it as such. If you feel like you cannot afford the artist you want right this very moment, wait and save up a little bit more. Trust us; you will be happy you did. Or check out Vivid Ink’s amazingly talented apprentice artists! 

Talk to the artist you want

fox tattoo
By Cezar at Vivid Ink Hagley Road

Book a consultation and talk to the artist before making a firm commitment for a session. You want to feel comfortable around them and that you can express your thoughts and potential concerns. The right artist will be receptive but also firm and straight forward with their opinions.

However, you should never feel pushed into something that does not feel right. Getting a tattoo is a tremendous act of trust – you are literally having someone mark you for life. The relationship between artist and ‘canvas’ should always be a mutually beneficial relationship, with both parties equally excited about the project.


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