Large Tattoos

Large Tattoos

Large tattoos are continuing in popularity. Although large tattoos are a big decision, we continue to create extensive pieces on the arms, back and legs which vary from one continuous piece to individual and varied designs linked together.

Due to the size, complexity and time required for such pieces, we often receive many queries about the process. So here is some information which you may find helpful if you are considering committing to a larger piece of ink.


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is in regard to timing and how long large pieces take to complete. Whilst we can’t tell you a time, without discussing the specific work that you want, we can explain this a little further for you.

Large pieces still vary hugely in size and design which means they vary in time too. Whilst some may take one lengthy sitting, other designs may take multiple sittings over weeks  and months – you could spend anything from 8 or more hours in the chair – although it is certainly worth it for the end result.


Again, designs vary from person to person and tattoo to tattoo. Each tattoo we create is individual, which allows you to make the most important decisions there are about this larger piece of work.

Some individuals opt to go for one singular design or image over a large area. This is particularly common if they’re being inked on a singular topic or style that they are interested in. The final results for these pieces are always stunning and cohesive, leaving the client with a bold piece which stands out in contrast to any other work they may have.

Alternatively, some clients opt for smaller and individual tattoos which spread across the area and then connected in some way to link the pieces together to maintain the cohesive look created in singular designs. This is an excellent option for those that have a variety of interests or ideas which they want to combine. We truly love these designs as they are always unique to each individual.


Finally, one of the greatest perks to a large tattoo and design is all in the detail!

Large tattoos obviously require more surface area and a bigger design or image – due to this our artists can demonstrate their talent and style: In large tattoos you can zoom in on individual aspects and create a thoroughly detailed and realistic final piece. Not only that, but larger designs don’t fade in the same way as smaller pieces, meaning lines remain sharper and clearer!


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