Piercing do’s and don’ts

Piercing do’s and don’ts

So you have decided to take the plunge and get your first piercing. Congratulations! Or, you may have a few and need to brush up on the essentials around what you need to think about and what goes into the process before, during and after.

Fret not, we are here to give you a quick overview of what to consider when it comes to preparation and aftercare, so you can have the very best piercing experience possible. Let’s start with the do’s, shall we.

  1. Research your studio. We might be preaching to the choir here as you have made it to the Vivid Ink website, but it is incredibly important that you choose to go with a reputable studio and an experienced piercer. Read reviews and testimonies, check the website for their work, and always call ahead with any questions you may have. 
  2. Ask more questions. Once on-site on the day, ask about anything that feels unclear, this goes for the process itself, what to expect afterwards in terms of the healing process and about the aftercare procedure itself. 
  3. Follow aftercare instructions to a T. Once you leave the piercing studio, it is up to you to make sure that you have the best result possible. Healing a piercing can take quite some time, and we know it can be hard to practice patience and stay diligent, but it is really worth it. Besides, if you end up contracting an infection as a result of poor aftercare, you will only prolong the overall healing process, which equals more patience. 

a girl with piercings sitting in a tattoo studio

Right, so those were some major do’s. By no means an exhaustive list, and let’s not forget about the fun stuff! You also want to take time to look at jewellery online, fantasising about all the various ways in which you are going to be playing with and rocking your style when your piercing is healed. 

Let’s take a look at some don’ts. 

  1. This should go without saying but… don’t DIY. Many people have been left with botched earlobes following the shenanigans of enthusiastic safety pin amateurs. We get the punk romanticism of it, but just don’t. 
  2. Don’t fiddle with it! We know, the lecturer/Zoom presenter is droning on and without thinking about it your hands are mindlessly drawn to that itchy spot, fingers picking at the crust or twisting the piercing in its place. This will only irritate the wound. Furthermore, unless you keep your hands squeaky clean at all times (because so many of us do, hello keyboards and public transport) you risk causing an infection. On that note, also avoid submerging your piercing into public water sources such as pools, jacuzzis, or even lakes. 
  3. Don’t ignore warning signs of an infection. Even with diligent care, sometimes they do happen. If you notice any signs of excessive swelling, redness, discharge or prolonged pain, seek the help of a professional right away. But do not overclean your piercing or use harsh products in an exaggerated attempt to stave one off. 

Those are just some principles to guide you on your way as you become a healthy, healing, piercee. Vivid Ink’s professional piercers look forward to welcoming you to the studios!


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