Space Themed Tattoo Inspiration

Space Themed Tattoo Inspiration

We continue on our journey out into the cosmos and the worlds beyond our solar system. Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson may not have gone all that far on their first space explorations. However, we aim a little higher and look to the heavenly realms for our next round of tattoo inspiration. 

space tattoos
By Hagley Road’s junior artist Rosie.

Whether or not you feel that we should colonize Mars or keep our feet and investments on the ground, you have almost certainly at one point or another looked up into the night sky and marveled at the vastness of it all. Not to mention the sheer mind boggling number of stars twinkling back at you. If you have ever been fortunate enough to escape the light pollution from our cities, that is. 

Cosmic pop-culture

Nonetheless, you probably have some form of relationship to outer space, some idea of whether or not you think that we are alone in the Universe, or if the full moon really does make people a little… weird. So why not take some inspiration from the intrepid (albeit very, very wealthy) explorers and set your sights on the stars for your next piece of body art? Here are some ideas to get your imagination going. 

First of all, you could go classically extraterrestrial. Showing off your love for pop-culture with an E.T. themed motive – or why not an entire sleeve – or a creepy but stunning version of the Alien franchise’s Xenomorph. However, you could also display other versions of otherworldly life, such as the large-eye shapes of Roswell fame, or perhaps a version of the time-bending language of the heptapods in Arrival. 

Take your planetary pick

David Bowie Portrait
By Cleyton from Vivid Ink Birmingham

But, of course, there are so many other space related motives you could go for that are not necessarily drawing inspiration from pop-culture. How about a super-trendy fine line rendition of your (or yours and your best friend’s) star sign? Or a flying saucer ready to beam someone up? A full sleeve of the solar system should be on any astronaut-wannabe’s wish list. Maybe a galactic impression of the entire Milky Way? 

You could also get a tiny rocket, a portrait of Yury Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, or a realistic rendition of the Lunar Roving Vehicle (that’s the moon buggy), or simply the moon itself. You could go full, half, quarter – although perhaps not a new moon. That would kind of defeat the purpose of getting a tattoo. Another choice would be to incorporate space into other imagery. Like filling the shape of your favourite animal with a colourful burst of galaxies and stars through space, creating an illusion of depth and an unexpected window into the cosmos. 

Then again, celebrating your favourite music somehow related to space sounds like a pretty great idea! David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’, or the Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’. We can probably give the new ‘Space Jam’ album a miss though.

In our next post we will take a look at the symbolism of heavenly bodies orbiting one star or another out there.


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