Tattoos and Nature Elements

Tattoos and Nature Elements

The better part of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been a difficult for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors. While walking and cycling around the neighbourhood may allow us to discover new parts of our cities, they are no substitute for a getaway to mountains, woods and rivers. So while we hopefully do our best to get as much fresh air as possible in the ways it is available to us, let us take a digital forest bathing dive into the relationship between natural phenomena and tattooing. 

flower and butterfly tattoo
By Jai from Vivid Ink Hagley Road

The trend of seeking inner peace outdoors will most certainly continue in the years to come. Perhaps it will even accelerate due to the time we have spent indoors and at home over the past months.

When it comes to drawing tattoo ideas from nature, you are particularly spoilt for choice. Perhaps it is a favourite camping location from your childhood, your grandmother’s garden plant you helped water, or that waterfall you swam under in Southeast Asia.

While gazing up at the stars from outside your tent flap may feel very far away right now, you could spend the time planning Рboth for your next dream outing and for your next nature-inspired piece of body art. Let’s look at some elemental themes to serve as inspiration.   

With so much beauty in the world to incorporate into your own skin, it can be hard to know where to start. One idea would be to first decide on which kind of element you feel drawn to.

Elements to ground, move, uplift and enliven

forest theme tattoo
By Andy from Vivid Ink Stafford

Earth, represented by the mountains, desert or trees? It can signify grounding, a sense of belonging or of coming home. 

Water, with rivers, waterfalls, oceans or snowflakes? To remind you not the fear change, but how the continuous movement and impermanence of all things make anything at all possible. 

Air, represented by a storm-swept glade, or the howl of a wolf on the wind? To remember that there is always lightness and movement to be found, even when things feel heavy or stagnant.

Or maybe fire, illustrated by glowing stars or a campfire burning bright? So that you are reminded of a sense of warmth, towards yourself and others. It also represents the transformative power of applying a little bit of heat and discipline towards our endeavours. 

Perhaps you would like to make sure to incorporate all four in the motive? What is wonderful is that they lend themselves to all manner of styles, so you can work with your favourite artist to find your personal and unique expression. 

Much-loved animals

mandala wolf tattoo
By George from Vivid Ink Hagley Road

Of course, animal tattoos are hugely popular. Whether or not they depict a beloved pet, an endangered species, minute birds or even smaller butterflies, they all pay tribute to our fellow earthlings.

Perhaps it is an animal you come across every day on your walk, or maybe you want to get an image of the ones you dream of seeing one day. 

No matter what you choose to honour and represent your own personal connection to nature, it can be an incredibly powerful image that will stay with you no matter how entrenched in the grit and noise of the city you may be. 


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