What Is A Curated Ear And How Do I Go About Getting One?

What Is A Curated Ear And How Do I Go About Getting One?


Gone are the days when a single lobe piercing raised any eyebrows. One of the biggest trends in the conjunction between fashion and body art in recent years is that of multiple ear piercings – also sometimes referred to as a curated ear. 

Shifting perceptions of multiple piercings

The idea off multiple ear piercings has come a long way from the images of safety pins and heavy studs this notion may conjure up (as is perhaps already implied by the term ‘curated’). The more up-to-date and modern version is all about cute studs and delicate hoops dotted about the lobe and cartilage in a conscious way, creating a piece of art uniquely yours. 

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By Jodie at Vidid Ink Birmingham

It is an art form that consists of multiple piercings all over the ear in different formations unique to each person – and to each ear, no copy paste approach right and left! There are no set placements, so each constellation will be up to the individual, allowingng you to show off your personal style. 

Plan and patience

The first thing to do is to make up a plan with your piercer. They will want to work with the natural flow of the ear to select the proper placements. For instance, some people have larger earlobes, making it prime piece of real estate for multiple piercings. 

Others may have smaller lobes that attach to the head, which means less pieces will fit well together, and you may want to spread your piercings more not to make the lobe seem cluttered.

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By Jodie at the Birmingham studio

As you get to know each other, they will also get a feel for your personality and how to reflect that in the presentation. But don’t expect it all to be done in one go. 

It is not uncommon to get several piercings done in one day. However, while you can get multiple piercings in one sitting, usually, this is best limited to three or four – especially if getting them in the same ear. 

As we have previously explored, healing a piercing can be a lengthy process, so curating your ear exactly the way you want it may require some patience. 

Creativity and fun

Once healed, you can then go about exploring what jewelry will complement the constellation of piercings you have chosen. If you already have an idea for what you would like to be a standout piece, make sure to curate the rest of the jewelry around that. 

We can think of a lot less entertaining endeavours. You can play with different shapes, colours and metals, combining more bold statement jewellry with more dainty and delicate pieces. The piercing, jewellry and combination options are practically endless, so it is a wonderful way of keeping your creativity up and falling in love with your pierced ears over and over again.

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By Jodie at Vivid Ink Birmingham


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