What You Need To Think About Before Getting a Neck Tattoo

What You Need To Think About Before Getting a Neck Tattoo

Owl Tattoo
By Mike from Vivid Ink Birmingham

So, you are already an avid tattoo fan. Your thighs have a couple of stand-out pieces, maybe some lettering across your abs (hey, to each their own) and you definitely have a sleeve – or two. Now you are considering what to get next. You know that the bottom of your feet is pretty pointless because a, you will hardly ever get to show it and b, it will disappear really quickly. The tops of the feet may feel a little more enticing but again; unless it is summer you will hardly get to share it with anyone outside of your own home. Meanwhile, you are not quite ready for a face tattoo (and there are many reasons why you should let that particular impulse rest not only once but twice and three times before going ahead with it). 

If you already have a few pieces, or a full sleeve, on your arms, it can be beautiful to let the ink begin to travel onto your hands. However, you could also begin to entertain the idea of going upwards – towards the neck. When done right by a talented artist, they can be an incredibly impactful addition to an already tattooed human canvas. Here are some things you should know before considering getting your neck adorned with some permanent art. 

Be just a little bit sensible

First of all, plan a little bit for the future. While employers have come a long way when it comes to accepting an inked workforce, visible tattoos may still be an issue in some places. With global warming, turtlenecks won’t be a viable option for most of the working year, so just make as certain as you can that you do not want to work in a sector where your visible neck ink could become a problem.

custom lettering tattoo
Custom lettering by George at Vivid Ink Birmingham

Should you decide to go ahead with a neck tattoo, you may want to give a little bit of consideration to the pain factor. A tattoo on the back of the neck will be quite different from a tattoo on the front of the throat. For any individual with an Adam’s apple, it will also be different than for someone who was born without one. Of course, a back of the neck tattoo is also more easily covered than a throat tattoo.

Yes, neck tattoos are a little painful

Thinner lines, while they may not have the most staying power, will not be as intense as bolder designs and fill-ins. Bold, on the other hand, may give your more of an… experience, but it will certainly hold. Also remember that the neck is quite exposed to the elements, and friction from sweater collars etc. Always use SPF to make sure your tattoo keeps looking good.

However, many artists say that hand-poked tattoos are the least painful on the neck. They can also make the experience a little more smooth as machines can be tricky to manoeuvre around the tight space between the chin and the collarbones. 

Scheduling for a neck tattoo

neck tattoo
By junior artist Rosie from Vivid Ink Hagley Road

It is also worth taking into consideration that while working on the area, your artist will need to apply a little bit of pressure to stretch the skin. For some, this may feel slightly claustrophobic or uncomfortable. If that is you, and you want to cover a larger part of the neck, as opposed to simply have a few ornamental dots, maybe it would be a good idea to take a step-by-step approach with several sessions, rather than try and get it all done in one go. 

All in all, for people who are into tattoos, that piece of body art peaking up over the collar is incredibly beautiful and enchanting. If you are ready to bring your tattoos to the world on a daily basis, a neck tattoo can be a splendid addition to your collection. As always, choose your tattoo studio and artist wisely. A reputable studio would never do anything that they feel would be detrimental to your future or something you would be likely to regret.


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