White Ink

White Ink 

Over recent years there has been a surge in tattooing with white ink and we have continuously been getting more and more requests about these tattoos and whether this is something we are able to do.

The low down: the reality is that this is down to our artists and their discretion, however, many of our artists don’t offer tattoos in white ink or require an in-depth discussion with you before they will agree.

We decided we wanted to take the opportunity to use this platform and explain exactly why our artists refuse and/or require a discussion with their clients prior to inking, ensuring that we can help you make an informed decision before continuing to pursue this option.

White Ink is Subtle

Firstly, white ink tattoos are incredibly subtle and therefore are not that noticeable, especially as time passes. This is something we encourage you to consider beforehand as tattoos take time and pain – you need to ask yourself: am I willing to sit through the discomfort of a tattoo if people may not notice it?

Difficulty Achieving Clean Lines

Typically black ink is used for outlining and it is very rare for white ink to be used in this way, due to this it is thicker in consistency and harder to achieve the same sharp, clean lines which are achieved with other colours. Due to this, it means designs will blur faster and become less clear than a traditional tattoo over time.

Additionally, this thicker consistency can also cause the tattoo to heal differently – it is, therefore, more likely to heal raised sometimes making some people believe that these tattoos appear scar-like.

Faster Fading

Due to white ink being such a light colour it will fade. Although time takes its toll on all ink eventually this is accelerated in white ink and it will fade faster, no matter your complexion. People often believe that white skin lasts longer or doesn’t fade on different complexions, however, this is a myth and we want to make sure you know the truth!

Colour Changes

The white ink tattoos you often see online are freshly done. We are talking a matter of hours, if not minutes. Because of this one of our biggest concerns is that our clients have unrealistic expectations as to how their tattoos will heal and appeal in weeks, months and years.

Due to the variation in skin pigmentation and environmental factors


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