Super unique tattoos you don’t see everyday

Super unique tattoos

Todays post is going to be a bit of a different topic and were going to be focusing on tattoos you don’t see everyday.

Ok so at the time of writing this we have 10 vivid ink studios and whenever you see as many people on a day to day basis as we do, you’re always going to get some really unique tattoo ideas, in this post I want to highlight a few tattoos you don’t necessarily see ever day.

Ok so first up is this super unique piece by Andrei over in the Sutton Coldfield studio, it’s a portrait of Nicoli Tesla but utilising only individual circles, the effect is awesome, the further you are away from this piece the more it looks like a siliouehtte style image but the closer you get you can see its all-individual circles and how its made up.

Nikola Tesla

Next we have this piece from Stefan, certainly not a tattoo you see every day, it’s a realistic skeleton praying with a 3d crown of thorns, what makes this piece so unique is its done in a hyper realistic style of which you would normally need an exact reference picture to work from but as you can imagine finding real skeletons in praying positions isn’t exactly normal, despite this he has still managed to make it look lifelike, using individual elements and turning them into a crazy realistic tattoo.

praying skeleton

Ok switching for unique to…..different, this piece by Fiona is an example of some crazy pieces we get asked to do, now this is Dolly Patron signing, as an avocado, with the words dumb blonde, You definitely don’t see that every day, a crazy piece, but one done incredibly well and sometimes the crazy ideas are the best.

Dolly Parton Avocado tattoo

Next up is this piece by Sebastian over in the Stafford studio, and it’s a portrait of Salvador Dali, now what makes this super unique is the way he’s used the original eyes and created another 2 eyes to completely distort the focus and create this trippy style tattoo where your not actually sure where to look exactly. It confuses my eyes for sure and in person its actually even tripper.

Salvador Dali

Ok so finally we have these immense pieces from Cata over in Hagley road tattoo studio, these are 2 full colour, good and evil, DC and Marvel leg pieces.  These are on a fantastic client of ours Russ who is one seriously dedicated individual. Individually a comic book tattoo is relatively normal, we actually do quite a lot of comic tattoos but to do them like this is really something you don’t see every day.  Laid out like a comic book and covering the entirely of both legs, it leaves him with some of the biggest brightest and boldest leg sleeves you could ever see. These are a real head turned for sure.

DC & Marvel leg pieces

So there you go 5 really cool and unique pieces you don’t see every day. Enjoy.


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