Father’s Day 2023

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and is there a better way to show how much love and appreciation you have for the dads in your life than with a timeless and meaningful tattoo? This Father’s Day you can celebrate the bond between you and the father in your life with some incredible ink! Here at Vivid Ink Tattoo Studios, we know the importance of family and how much a tattoo means to each individual. In the spirit of Father’s Day, why not speak to one of our very talented artists to create a memorable tattoo that pays tribute to your father or serves as a symbol of your own journey as a father? Here are some brilliant Father’s Day tattoo ideas that will inspire your tattoo:


  1. Dad’s Portrait: A great way to have your father’s personality and love shown is by getting a realistic portrait. It’s a lovely and heartfelt tribute to always remind you of the incredible bond you share.
  2. Meaningful Quotes: Do you and the dad in your life share a  meaningful quote or do you have a quote that represents your relationship? It could be “Dad, my hero” or a phrase that holds a deep significance for both of you.
  3. Symbolic Imagery: Have you thought of a design that represents guidance such as a compass or an anchor to signify stability? try symbols that resonate with your father’s personality.
  4. Father-Child Bond: Try a design that portrays the bond between a father and child. This could be a heartwarming silhouette of a father and child holding hands or a set of footprints to represent the journey you’ve taken together.

Check out some examples below
Our talented artists are available to help you bring your vision to life. With a free consultation, you and your chosen artist can work on a custom design and talk you through the process.

vivid ink tattoo studio fathers day 2023


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