Movie Acting and Tattoo Fashion

Only For Bad Girls and Boys?

In the not too distant past far fewer people were inked. It was a rare sight indeed to see a Policeman or a School Headmaster with a Tattoo; no longer. One wonders what part the Movie Industry played? Back in the 60’s, Marlon Brando in “The Wild One”, James Dean in “Rebel without a Cause” both wore Tattoos. In “Rebel without a Cause” Tattoo’s were seen as part of the bad boy image.

It is interesting to see that some 60 years later Pop Culture still plays its role in influencing body art. But for different reasons?

Whilst in the past, this was primarily to promote ‘the bad boy (or very bad girl) image’ nowadays it seems clear that Tattooing is far more about Art, Fashion and other forms of Creative Self-expression.

Some recent examples of Movie Tattoos would include the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, where Groot and Rocket have prominent tattoos. The “Pirates of Caribbean” movies also have a lot of tattoos, with Captain Jack Sparrow being perhaps the most well-known for his tattoos.

‘Reel’ or Fake?

But have you thought about whether those Tattoos are acting themselves or for real?

It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of Tattoos you see appearing anew on Big Stars skin are not real. Interestingly, some people are now getting their bodies tattooed to get a role in a movie, which says something about how society has changed its perception of tattoos!

For most Inked Actors, however, they got their Movie connected Tattoo in celebration of their role, after the event. It is a permanent way to commemorate being part of that particular project.

Talk about ‘Method Acting’

In the case of Shia LaBoeuf in the new title “The Tax Collector” he got his entire Chest Tattooed permanently! He said he wanted to look the part and be as authentic as possible for his role in the movie. Mind you, he does have a reputation for this kind of thing. He had a tooth pulled out to look the part for the Fury!

So, it seems that famous movie tattoos have played a role in shaping the way people ink their bodies. What started out as a way to rebel against society has now become a form of self-expression that is appreciated by many people around the world.

No Tattoos Is Bad News

It seems that the more popular tattoos become, the more we see them in movies (If not the more popular movie tattoos become we see them on our skin). Perhaps it’s just because movie producers know that there is a large audience who appreciate seeing tattoos on screen. It also helps to add to the visual effects of a movie and can make characters seem more interesting. Who knows what the future holds for tattoo culture? Only time will tell. Thanks for reading!


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