Tattoo Trends for 2021 – Part III

Tattoo Trends for 2021 – Part III

As the year draws to a close and we are looking back at 2020, what can we say… It was a year that made us come to terms with our own vulnerability, put us face to face with whatever investments we have or have not made into our mental health, and made us realise how quickly the freedoms we take for granted can disappear. 

Twelve months ago, we were busy making plans for the new year. Not many of them had time to come to fruition before a pandemic broke out and turned everything on its head. Tattoo shops all over the world had to close their doors, and the art form had to take a break in the name of public health and safety.

Trusting your studio in the New Year

Vivid InkTattoo studios have always (or, well, at least since regulation, disinfectant, disposable needles and the autoclave became a thing a few decades ago) looked out for your wellbeing. There is no place better equipped to keep you safe from various microbes and infections.

So while the world may feel unsettled and upside down at the moment, don’t let that stop you from getting your next tattoo done. If lockdown measures permit, that is. In case you are still looking for inspiration for that next piece to lift your spirits going into the new year, we are rounding up our 2021 trend tattoo forecast. 

Black and Grey

Stunning Black and Grey piece
Stunning Black and Grey piece by Mike from Vivid Ink Sutton.

Black and Grey has been popular for quite a while. The way they translate onto skin gives them a classic and timeless look, so they are almost outside the realm of trends. However, as we have been made acutely aware of our own impermanence, people may turn towards what feels ageless and will stand the test of time.

We can also contribute much of the returning popularity of Black and Grey to the rise of Instagram-ink. Artists worldwide can now showcase their incredible talents on a global scale without having to make long journeys to tattoo conventions (when will we ever see one of those again?). Serving as inspiration for customers and for each other, they are pushed to take their art to ever new heights. Will 2021 be the year you add a Black and Grey masterpiece to your collection? 


Tribute dot work
Tribute dotwork by Mary from Vivid Ink Stafford

Another classic aesthetic, dotwork tattooing has been around for a very long time. In fact, it is the very first form of tattooing. Often utilised for repetitive or ornamental patterns and sacred geometry, it has also evolved to create more delicate imagery and detail. It is an incredibly versatile style. It can serve as the foundation for anything from a minimalistic symbol, a photo frame style scenery, all the way to a full back piece or a full-body suit. When done correctly, it can add tremendous texture, depth and dimension to a tattoo.

Whatever you are dreaming of for 2021, Vivid Ink has an incredible array of artists that are masters of several different styles and techniques. Head over to the studio’s social media, and you will find all the inspiration you could possibly wish for. We will see you on the other side of 2020 and lockdown, full of hope, ideas and inspiration for the coming twelve months.


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