The Tattoos of Netflix’s Arcane

The Tattoos of Netflix’s Arcane

“It’s not enough to give people what they need to survive. You have to give them what they need to live,” Ekko

As we are all reeling from the emotional aftermath of that last Arcane episode of Act 3 (don’t worry, this post will be entirely spoiler-free, apart from perhaps discussing a character or two that do not show up until Act 2 of the show), let’s take a moment to appreciate the tattooing culture of Piltover and Zaun, or, as it is commonly referred to, the Undercity.

Arcane and ‘League’

Netflix’s Arcane, an animated series serving as the prequel to League of Legends, a multiplayer online game produced by Riot Games, has proven to be a huge success for the streaming giant. It has 100% in critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and a 97% audience score. Google reviews give it 4.9, and the show has 9.2 on IMDB, with the final episode hitting 9.8. 

Tattooing and video game culture already go hand in hand, with several famous characters sporting some impressive or, at least, recognisable body art. ‘League’, as it is commonly referred to, is no different.

Some eagle-eyed fans and Reddit users have spotted inconsistencies between some of the tattoos in the game and the animated Arcane tv-show. We will refrain from entering that debate and focus instead on the ink that is visible in the series. 


The most impressive works belong to the Undercity . Our favourite is probably the intricate blackwork and intense lettering on Finn. Who, more than just tattoos, sports one of the most original body modification pieces we have seen in the form of a golden jaw.

Finn’s voice actor is Japanese guitarist and singer-songwriter Miyavi, whose own tattoos deserve a separate post for their reimagining of traditional Kanji calligraphy. 


Some of us get tattoos for aesthetic reasons. Some of us get pieces that hold some deeper meaning to us. Perhaps the most meaningful tattoos are those of Jinx, the mentally troubled grown up version of the girl known as Powder. Without revealing too much, if you pay attention during the final episode, you will understand that those blue cloud shapes adorning her arm and torso may be a reflection of a subconscious calling to her sister to save her.


Speaking of Vi, we never actually get a full view of her tattoos in the show. We can say however that they are, as is to be expected, an appropriate mash-up of steampunk and prison-style tattoos. And the added Roman numeral VI, which of course also reads, well, Vi, underneath her eye, kind of where an anti-eyebrow piercing would sit.

That huge dude with tribals

You may also have seen a young Vi facing a rather large looming and heavily tattooed figure in the concept art and the starting page of the show on Netflix. We have seen him referred to as ‘Studs the Tatman’, but have not come across an official name. Nonetheless, that is some impressive (and rather menacing) ink he has got himself.


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