Your Guide To Eyebrow Piercings

Your Guide To Eyebrow Piercings

While ear piercings are certainly still on trend for 2022 – think unique constellations and varying designs from left to right – people are also placing their prediction bets on something a little more eye-catching to make it into the mainstream.

After all, what to do after you have gotten all possible helixes, a septum, and a Marilyn-stud? Why move on to your eyebrows, of course. Follow along as we unpack the various types of eyebrow piercings there are to choose from. 

A long way from the safety pin

Photo: Deviousdegenerate via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps no other piercing is so reminiscent of the 70s punk scene as the eyebrow piercing. The trend has come a long way from the self-poked safety pin however and is making the rounds in more and more fashionable forums.

It doesn’t hurt (pun intended) that it is one of the least painful facial piercings you can get – there are not a lot of nerves around your brow. Furthermore, they draw attention to your eyes.  


The typical eyebrow piercing is placed on the outer edge of the brow, at about a 35-degree angle from and laid vertically. Piercers often describe it as one of the easiest piercings to perform and most of them are single piercings with two holes – one in, one out.

These look great with a curved barbell or a hoop. However, you could also get a spiral piercing made with two to three piercings for four to six holes and then adorn them with a single piece of jewellery looped through the holes. 


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Just as the name implies, horizontal eyebrow piercings are instead laid horizontally, along the length of the eyebrow. Again, the most common placement is towards the outside of the eye. Here you would most likely go with a curved barbell for your jewellery option. 

Anti-eyebrow piercings

Much more rare, but slowly gaining in popularity, is the ‘anti-eyebrow’ piercing. This is also commonly referred to as a teardrop or a butterfly kiss piercing. It sits at the very top of the cheekbone and about the same distance away from the eye as a regular eyebrow piercing. These definitely make a statement and are mostly decorated with varying sizes of studs, but you could also use a barbell. 

Bridge piercings

Bridge piercing by Jodie at Vivid Ink Birmingham

Some also count the bridge piercing as an eyebrow piercing, even though it sits at the very root of the nose. Or, rather, it is placed right where the bridge of the eyebrow becomes the bridge of the nose and vice versa.

This is laid horizontally and requires facial features that offer up a little bit of flesh in this area, for the piercing not to move about too much. 

Aftercare and healing

All eyebrow piercings take about 12 to 16 weeks to heal fully. It is important that you do not mindlessly fiddle around with them, in order to avoid infections.

Follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your piercer meticulously. To give yourself the best possible chance for the piercing not to be rejected, opt for implant grade titanium or gold jewellery. 


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