We All Speak Love — Valentine’s Day Tattoos 

We All Speak Love — Valentine’s Day Tattoos

valentine tattoo
By Walsall apprentice Aaron

One would think it was to write a post about symbols of love. It is our driving force, a raison d’être, and almost all people have some experience of it – one way or another. And yet, perhaps because it is so incredibly personal, it is also very difficult to pin down or try to define in a way that does not become cheesy, insipid, cliché or trite. And we don’t want any of that when dealing with body art, now do we?

Valentine sweetheart yes, just don’t’ get their name tattooed

There are about as many ways of expressing or representing love as there are people on the planet. And your tattoos should be just as unique. While the name of your sweetheart is a no-no when it comes to bad omen ink, many a more subtle (or not) means of displaying once affection has graced human canvases over the years.  

From the traditional and original love declaration of the MOM heart on a homesick sailor’s arm to movie scenes of stolen kisses and the Queen of Hearts, what could be more worthy motive than how we experience love? And while Valentine’s Day might be a bit of a commercial gimmick as far as holidays go, is there really ever anything wrong with celebrating love? Or having a reason for getting a new tattoo, for that matter?

Couple’s tattoos

dog portrait tattoo
By Jo from Vivid Ink Sutton

Beyond getting each other’s names inscribed, there are many other matching motives you could get if that is your thing. You could get small and symbolic motives in the same location on your bodies. Maybe it could be a cute version of the animals your significant other thinks you look like, or how about the other person’s favourite animal? Perhaps a scene from the first movie you watched together, or items that match each other without being too match? Like two birds in different stages of flight? 

Pets and siblings are loved too

But it does not need to be romantic love. Love is so much more than what societal conventions of coupledom would imprint upon us after all. Why not get a portrait of your pet?

sibling tattoo
By Rosie from the Hagley Road studio

Or a photo-realistic scene of that picture where your grandfather took you to the beach the first time? Or maybe a homage to your favourite artist or actor, whose work has had a profound impact on your life? You could also write ‘mom,’ ‘dad,’ or your own child’s name in a heart. 

Maybe this past year has made us slow down and take stock of what truly matters most to us. For most, this involves other living beings. What better way to keep that reminder with you as we hopefully begin to transition back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is) through spring and beyond? While pop-cultural references and market forces that be may want us to celebrate it on a particular date, there is never a bad time for making an occasion of love. 


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