Why Tattoos Make the Perfect Christmas Presents

Why Tattoos Make the Perfect Christmas Presents 


Many things are unusual about the holiday season of 2020. When we are physically separated, it is more important than ever to show our care, share our love and support each other in different ways. Christmas inherently lends itself to overt displays of affection through the giving of presents. And what better, more mood-boosting, sustainable and supportive gift than the gift of a tattoo? Here are five reasons why tattoos make the best Christmas presents.

Uplifting expectations Tattoo Merry Christmas

Ask anyone who has one, and they will tell you that tattoos can inspire self-confidence. Studies have also shown that they can be good for body image. As if that wasn’t enough, the feel-good hormones they induce can help boost mood. And, of course, they offer something exciting to look forward to.

Truly unique

Your gift is sure to be one-of-a-kind forever. Well, as long as you get your gift card from a reputable studio with talented artists who would never copy someone else’s work. 

Alice in Wonderland theme tattoo
Beautiful new piece by Cleyton from Vivid Ink Birmingham

Environmentally friendly

They are sustainable. Who wants another mass-produced item that will only add to the burden of the planet? Getting a tattoo is one of the most environmentally sustainable experiences out there. 

Bond for life

It keeps on giving; talk about something that will stay with someone for as long as they live. It becomes something deeply personal and can create a bond that the two of you can share for life.

If they are already an avid tattoo fan, then you are supporting their passion and interest and show that you care about what they care about and find important, which is a beautiful gesture in and of itself. 

You choose the amount

And you do all this while choosing how much you want to spend. You gift a certain amount, and then it is up to them if they want to save up more money to book in for something bigger or more time-consuming. Gift card tattoo

So there you go, several reasons why getting a tattoo for your friend, significant other or perhaps your mom for Christmas is the best gift ever. You could even easily send the gift card in the post, now that you may not spend the holidays together. It is super light and fits in an envelope. You will even save on postage! 

Or why not risk the wrath of your sister or brother and get one for your niece or nephew? Given that they are of an age, that is. Otherwise, you can always start putting money away on a my-first-tattoo savings account for their 18th birthday. 


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