The Olympians – Lamont Marcell Jacobs

The Olympians – Lamont Marcell Jacobs

Before Sunday the 1st of August 2021, not many had heard the name Lamont Marcell Jacobs. And not many would have bet on an Italian taking over the title of fastest (active) athlete in the world after Usain Bolt’s three consecutive Olympic gold medals. However, after last evening’s 100 meter final and new European record, much of the world is asking who this – heavily tattooed – sprinter making history in Tokyo is. 

Texas-born, Italy-raised

Lamont Marcell Jacobs
Photo from Instagram @crazylongjumper

Italy’s first-ever fastest man may not have a very Italian-sounding name. Furthermore, he was born in El Paso, Texas. Meanwhile, his mother is Italian and she brought him to Italy when he was only one month old. His father, who was a soldier in the army, was transferred to South Korea. Jacobs only reconciled with his father a year ago, something he has said was crucial for his preparation for the Olympics. 

Family first

Now a father of three himself, the newly crowned champion has the names of his children inked on his body – Jeremy, Anthony, and Megan. He has also added the phrase ‘Family – where life is born and love never ends’  on his left shoulder. Jacobs also has a compass on his abdomen, right at his solar plexus, which he says helps him – just as it did for sailors traditionally – to always stay on the right course and to give events of his life their proper significance and meaning. 


Jacobs likes his lettering and quotes. Written across his collarbones is his moniker (and Insta-handle) Crazylongjumper, referring back to his long jumping days, a sport he just transitioned from a few years ago to focus on sprinting. Across his right chest, there is a long inscription that is a quote from Charlie Chaplin translated into Italian. The original in English reads, 

“The best thing in life is to go ahead with all your plans and your dreams, to embrace life and to live every day with passion, to lose and still keep the faith and to win while being grateful. All of this because the world belongs to those who dare.”

Like many other athletes, Jacobs has chosen a fierce feline to represent his prowess in sport. However, while most go for a Lion, voluptuous mane often completed with a roar, he has opted instead for a tiger to cover his back. There is also a portrait of Medusa, a cross and a few other pieces not so easily discerned. 

Lamont Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza
Jacobs’ partner Nicole has some impressive ink.

More ink in the family

However, we are also really impressed by the ink of Jacobs’ partner and mother of two of his children, Nicole Daza. She has a full sleeve of black and grey roses and cherry blossoms with blacked-out spaces in between, as well as a more traditional rose on her opposite shoulder and a skull and roses on her left hip. There is also a striking recent addition dot work in a beautiful neck tattoo that you can see on her Instagram, @nicole__daza. We can’t wait to see what this inked couple will get as their next pieces.


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